How to Paint a Wooden House

We’re excited to announce our first new feature in a long time: a tutorial on how to paint wooden houses.

We’re not kidding about this, it’s an entire tutorial.

In the meantime, check out the full article for the inside scoop on how we created this tutorial and how to learn how to do it yourself. 

So, we’ve been building up a lot of wood-boring art and now we’re excited about finally making a tutorial that will teach you how to get started with the hobby. 

We started by going through our wood shop inventory and found the most popular projects, so we thought it might be interesting to add some new ones. 

One of our favorite hobbies is painting wood, so it made sense to share some of our best woodworking techniques and tips with you.

We’ll show you how the wood work is done and how you can do it in a couple of quick steps. 

This tutorial is about woodworking basics.

You can learn more about our history here and check out our woodshop inventory here. 


Woodworking basics with a basic sketch and planter project.

This tutorial uses the basic sketch for inspiration.

You’ll also learn to use a planter and paint a wooden house in this tutorial. 


Using a planer and woodworking tools.

This basic sketch is just a starting point for a finished woodworking project.

You should start by using your woodworking knife and a ruler.

We like to start by painting a rough sketch first and then we start using the planer to get a good idea of the final look. 


Using the planter to create the basic shape.

The first step is to build a rough drawing using a ruler and your planer. 


Adding more detail.

After you’ve created a rough rough sketch, it helps to add more detail and a little shading. 


Painting with the planner.

You don’t have to use the plan to paint your house.

It’s up to you to add color to the house and add detail to the outline. 


Painting the wooden house with a woodworking tool.

Once you have a basic rough sketch that you can paint, it is time to start adding wood.

The planer allows you to create smooth cuts in the wood and it makes it easy to add details to the edges of your woodwork. 


Painting and gluing the plan.

To paint the wood, we start with a dry brush and a watercolor pencil.

We want to create a smooth and even line on the wood. 


Gluing the wood onto the plan with the gluing rod. 

The wood should sit perfectly on the plan, with no gaps or bumps.

The wood should have a consistent look and feel. 


Painting your finished woodwork using the wood planter.

We will use the wood wood planer in this step to get the best results. 


Painting on a dry base.

We paint on a base using a drybrush. 


Glueing your finished wooden house.

We add a layer of wood glue to seal the woodwork and make it look nice and sturdy. 


The end. 


How to use your wood planner and woodwork tools in a wooden home. 


Adding color to your finished piece. 


Painting using the glazing rod.

We use a glazing piece to add a gloss and shine to the finished piece to help it stand out in the background. 


Painting in color. 


Paint and glazing. 


How long will it take to finish? 


We have more woodworking tutorials coming soon! 


Hope this tutorial inspires you to start learning to make wooden houses!

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