How to build a $1,000 wood house

The basic steps are pretty straightforward: you put down a tree or two, then you fill in the rest of the landscape with a wood house. 

The process is actually pretty straightforward and can be repeated several times over time.

In fact, a woodhouse has only two stages. 

1) Build the house.

The first step is to create a foundation that can hold a home. 

2) Build a wooden roof. 

3) Fill the house with a roof.

This is where the actual finishing touches come in. 

A roof that’s a little bit lower than the top of your house.

This makes it easier to pour concrete or asphalt around the base of the house and to install new wood floors and ceilings. 

This photo shows a house built with a 3/4-inch plywood roof and a 1-inch-thick polyurethane foam board.

(Photos by David Osmond)Once you’ve finished building your home, it’s time to put the finishing touches on it.

Wood is incredibly durable, so once you’ve made the wood, you can just hang it on your walls.

It’s the perfect material for hanging your television, for example, or a door. 

You can also buy a laminate flooring for your front door or even a brick floor for your kitchen. 

In the next few weeks, I’ll write about the ins and outs of the building process and how to use your own house as a model for your own home.

Stay tuned.

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