A house with a creepy history in the woods

A haunted house that was once the home of a young Jewish woman who died after a car crash has been converted into a haunted house.

The house on Old South Street in the historic South Shore neighborhood in New York City was once owned by a Jewish woman named Shlomi Tannenbaum, and her father, Rabbi Meir, who was killed in the crash.

The couple died in their sleep after they opened the door to the attic.

The family was said to have taken a trip to the haunted house with Meir’s daughter, Sarah.

When they arrived, they discovered that the house had been converted to a makeshift hotel and the rooms were covered with wooden siding, the Associated Press reported.

The haunted house’s location was originally discovered in the 1970s when the owners discovered that their house had a “hidden history” and that their daughter was killed and that the basement of the house contained a hidden coffin with a key.

They believed it was her tomb, and they were eventually told that the family had been living in the house and had not seen her.

The couple was reported missing in 1978 and a search was launched, with the help of police and the FBI.

When the search was over, the property was found to be a complete wreck, with only a few items remaining.

In 2014, a group of residents, led by the Jewish Heritage Society, started searching the area for their missing daughter.

The search took more than three years.

After years of searching, they finally found Sarah in the attic, according to the AP.

The group is now holding a community vigil in her memory.

They have also hired an artist to paint the house’s front entrance.

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