Which of the four new homes is this?

A few weeks ago, a new house was just completed in the town of Srinagar, Pakistan.

Its designer, an Australian named Jason Koon, was trying to sell it to a buyer for $1.9 million, but when the buyer asked for a bigger amount, Koon decided to turn the deal around.

Instead of selling it, Koons company, Woodland Homes, sold the house for $3.7 million.

It’s called The Woodland House Kit, and it’s a modern wood house kit that is made from locally sourced materials, and is designed to help homeowners live a more sustainable lifestyle.

The kit, made from a single piece of oak wood, includes everything you would need to get started in living a more healthy and more sustainable life.

There’s a bed, a sink, a stove, a window, a bathroom, and a bathroom sink.

And it’s made from wood, with wood chips in the walls and ceilings, and wood accents and accents on the walls. 

The Woodland Kit is made in Australia.

But its creator says it’s not just about making something for people who want to live in a wood house.

It can help anyone, especially if you have kids, elderly people, or people who need to take time to relax. 

“I think the Woodland Home Kit is an incredible piece of architecture,” Koon told me in a phone interview.

“It really does make a statement about the importance of living a healthy and sustainable life and the importance to care for the environment.” 

“It’s the ultimate living room,” he added. 

When we spoke, the owner of the Woodlark House, a small wooden house in Srinagara, said that while they have not seen it yet, the kits was an “instant success.”

“It was a lot of fun, we were amazed,” she said.

“There were no issues.

I was so excited. 

But there are a lot more people looking for the kits in India. 

As the kits are made in the same factory, they have a certain lifespan and that’s important, said Srinaga resident Tanya Natarajan. 

It’s easy to think that you can find the kit online, but you can’t because there’s no official website. 

In India, Woodlarks are sold only at certain places and prices.

In other parts of India, they are sold for as little as $300. 

This makes it even more appealing to people in Sarnath.

In fact, Kanaan said the Woodlands were sold for $2,500. 

Srinagar residents and local residents are eager to see the kits on the market. 

Natarajanan told me that she’s always been interested in making the kits. 

I told her that I thought that she should try to sell one. 

She told me to call her and see if she could help. 

A few weeks later, Nataramans daughter came to see me.

She told me the kits had sold. 

Koon said the kits were so popular that he had to make more kits.

The kits are sold in a different location every day. 

After that, the owners of the kits told me they were selling their kits at their own store. 

We talked for a while about the kits, and I said that I would love to see it sold.

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