When the Woodhouse Was a Woodhouse

Posted October 14, 2018 07:09:37The Woodhouse is a large wooden house located in Westchester County, New York, United States.

The Woodhouse was built by the family of George Woodhouse, an American Civil War veteran and Civil War general, in the mid-19th century.

George Woodhouse had been living in the area of Westchester, New Jersey, for the last few years.

His daughter, Florence, was the only child of the Woodhouses.

Florence married a local blacksmith, Joseph Wilson, who also worked in the textile industry.

The couple had a son, Joseph, and two daughters, Emma and Mary.

George and Florence married in 1860, and Florence and Joseph moved to New York.

Florence returned to Westchester in 1875, and the family moved to Westport, Connecticut, in 1881.

Florence and her children moved to the town of Westport in 1884.

Florence lived in the Wood House, and she and her family continued to live there until the Wood Houses death in 1910.

In the 1950s, the family sold the WoodHouse, and in 1961, the WoodHouses family bought the property and renovated it.

In 1984, the property was purchased by a group of individuals and re-named the Westchester Community and Agricultural Center.

The WoodHouse was renovated in the 1990s.

In the early 2000s, a group known as the Woodhead Family Foundation purchased the property.

The group used the Woods house to host a series of events, including the annual Woodhead Days, and it also hosted an annual Woodhouse Home Days event.

The building underwent numerous renovations in the early years of the 20th century, and on June 25, 2021, it was formally renovated by the New York State Department of Conservation and Recreation.

The new interior features a variety of original wood, wood and stone features, as well as the wood house’s original furnishings.

The renovation included a new front porch, a new kitchen, new floors, a decorative wood exterior, and an updated roof.

The new interior was created in the style of an old French kitchen and dining room, with a fireplace and a wood stove.

The interior also includes a new dining room and a new fireplace.

In addition, the kitchen has been repainted to be more contemporary, and additional interior finishes have been added.

A large number of wood and natural materials were used in the renovation of the interior, including native woods and stone, a small number of pine shavings, and several other small stones.

In a bid to make the interior more attractive, the original wood beams were replaced with new timber panels.

A new door is added, as are many of the windows.

The exterior of the building features a number of original furnishments, including a fireplace, a fireplace mantel, a wood stonework fireplace, and a window.

In addition, many of George and Florence Woodhouse’s other furniture was added.

The fireplace mantels, for example, were originally a wood fireplace mantlet.

In 2018, the exterior of a wood house was restored and the interior reconstructed, and this time, the interior was added to the renovation.

The project was funded through the West New York Conservation Fund, which has provided grants to restoration projects throughout the region since 1992.

In 2019, the Westwood Foundation donated the original interior and exterior of George & Florence WoodHouse to the New Haven Public Library for a display.

The project was also featured on the PBS show, “Tales from the West.”

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