Quails: A story of survival from the brink

The Quail was a small rodent native to Australia and New Zealand, which is now extinct.

The Quail is a large rodent that is also found in the wild.

This is because they are a subspecies of the wood house rat, which are native to the forested areas of South Australia and Tasmania.

They are one of the smallest rodents found in Australia, with a weight of about 25 grams.

I grew up watching people on television trying to escape the wood fire, and that’s the reason I grew up wanting to be a Quail.

If I hadn’t watched TV and heard the stories about wood fires, I probably would have not even tried to escape from my own wood house.

Quail’s have long been hunted and killed for food and for their fur.

In South Australia, Quail numbers are so low that Quail traps are being set up around the state to try and catch them.

My mum, my uncle and my cousins have all been in the trap, and it’s very sad to see that the traps have failed, and I feel really sorry for the families.

But I love the Quail because it’s the only rodent that makes a living out of the fire.

One day, my mum will be able to buy the Quails for a very reasonable price, and will be proud to bring them home to the family.

And I will also be proud of the Quakes because I will never know what it was like to live in a house made of wood.

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