A look at some of the country’s top modern wood houses

When you’re not looking at the woods, you might be thinking about the homes and gardens around you.

Some of the most stunning homes and landscapes in the world are built from wood.

From the beautiful gardens and ponds of Italy to the stunning landscapes of China, wood has always been an integral part of many of the world’s landscapes.

But today, we’re not just talking about beautiful homes here in the U.S. — we’re talking about some of our most stunning woodhouses.

Some are on the market for as little as $3,500, while others are $3 million or more.

There’s no shortage of great wood houses around, so we decided to take a look at just a few of the more unique and beautiful woodhouses in the country.

Here’s a look inside some of America’s best woodhouses, including the best modern woodhouses for sale and some that are a little more challenging to get to know.1.

The Mokke wood house in Minnesota2.

The New Zealand wood house3.

The French wood house4.

The English wood house5.

The Spanish wood house6.

The Victorian wood house7.

The American wood house8.

The woodhouse at the edge of the forest9.

The wooden house at the back of the park10.

The new woodhouse in the backwoods

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