Why the Minimalist Wooden House in Woods?

Posted November 30, 2018 10:57:29Minimalist wood-framed houses are among the most popular and widely adopted architectural styles of India, which have become a focal point for urban planning and design in the country.

A major reason for this popularity, according to architect Prakash Chandra, is the absence of windows in these houses.

“The minimalist house in the woods has a very different look and feel from a traditional house, but also has many benefits,” he told DW.

“It provides a very quiet, intimate, and organic atmosphere, while still keeping the appearance of traditional buildings.”

Chandra is a member of the architectural research department at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences.

He said the minimalist design of the wooden house in Woods is inspired by the natural and organic nature of wood.

“A simple structure can look natural and naturalistic, yet also complex and modern,” he said.

“I think this house could be an example of both of these.”

Chandra explained that the wooden structure has an organic structure and a minimalistic approach to decoration, as well as a sense of community.

“This is a very small and compact house, which is also a refuge from the urban environment,” he added.

“You can go for walks, go to the lake, sit on the terrace, sit by the fire, sit in the garden, etc.”

According to the architect, wood houses have an advantage over traditional ones, which are built using a lot of concrete and metal.

“They are also more affordable.

You can buy them for less than Rs. 5,000 (US$7,000),” he said, adding that there are many people who are inspired by them.

The design of a wood house has several important characteristics.

“Wood is very strong and it is not fragile.

You don’t need to replace every inch of it,” said Chandra.

“And it has a natural feel and a lot more warmth than concrete or metal,” he explained.

Chandra added that the wood house in forests also offers the possibility of natural ventilation.

“When you live in a wooded environment, you get a feeling of being close to nature, which helps in maintaining a healthy balance between the body and the environment,” the architect added.

“A wooden house is also more beautiful than a concrete building.

It has the advantage of being small and lightweight,” Chandra added.

The architect said there are several different types of wooden houses in the market, including traditional ones.

He added that wood houses in India are often seen in rural areas, where it is a common sight to see houses with wood floors.

“There are also many people living in villages who have no choice but to build wooden houses.

These houses are often made with materials that have not been recycled.

So, they have a lot less material and energy,” he pointed out.

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