Australia’s largest new home could be a $1 billion home for people with a disability

A home for older people is being built in a rural NSW town with the hope of making it the largest single-home construction in the country.

Key points:The house is part of a $15.5 billion redevelopment of an old wood and metal fence in Woodburn, north of Coffs Harbour, which will have a total floor area of 2,500sq metresThe house has been designed by an Australian firm and is expected to be completed in 2019The project will have an area of around 2,400sq metres and has been the subject of a court case which will now be heard in the NSW Supreme Court.

The building is part to a $13 billion redevelopment in the town of Woodburn which will see a new 10,000sq metre home built.

The plan has been backed by the Government, which says the new home will provide a much-needed income for the town.

“This is a truly amazing project for Woodburn,” NSW Premier Mike Baird said.

“It is a really great example of how the Government of NSW is helping the communities that we serve.”

“The new home is part and parcel of the $15 billion redevelopment that we’ve launched in Woodfield.

It will provide an income stream to the town and create jobs and economic growth for the surrounding communities.”

Woodburn was chosen because of its location near Coffs, and because the town is the largest in the State.

“We know that Woodburn has an enormous talent pool in the local community,” Mr Baird said, adding it was “a fantastic opportunity to revitalise a town with an international reputation”.

“I can’t wait to see this community come together and build this new home.”

Mr Baird said the new house was “designed by an international architect, an Australian-based company, and it will be finished in 2019”.

“It will be built on the edge of town and will be an absolutely spectacular piece of infrastructure,” he said.

The new house is being funded by the NSW Government, and is the result of a case brought against the old fence in Coffs.

In 2015, the town council approved a $3.2 million settlement with the Government and the construction company, Hines.

The $15 million settlement was a major factor in the project, and Mr Baird told ABC News it had been “an incredible” and “extraordinary” experience.

“What’s going to happen with the $13.5 million settlement is a bit like the old Fords Creek and Wollongong and the old Stirling Creek,” he explained.

“That’s a bit of a classic example of what happens when you get a bit more money, particularly in this case.”

And the old fences were in a lot of places that we hadn’t been able to get to because of the fence being out in the bush, so this is a very unique opportunity.

“The settlement came after the City of Coffss, and the City Council of Woodfield, appealed against the previous settlement and a new settlement was reached.”

The council was looking for $15,000 to $20,000, which was the total for the entire project,” Mr Bennett said.

He said the council had been working with the developers to ensure the money would be “fully spent” on the project.”

So it’s not like they’re going to give the town a piece of the action here,” Mr Barker said.

Mr Baird added that the council would be seeking a $20 million settlement for the new site.”

There’s an extra $15m going to the council for the project to go ahead, so it’s going in line with the council’s needs,” he added.”

They’re going after the big, old money and we’re going against the small stuff.””

It’s going back to the community for the first time in a long time.

“Mr Bennett said the developers had been able the town was not looking to do any more work on the fence.”

You can’t have a new fence with old fences,” he told ABC Radio.”

But they did have the funds available, so they could get on with it.


Development Is Supported By

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