Jeff and Jeffrey Woods Are Haunted by Woodchuck’s House

Jeffrey and Jeffrey Woodchucks own the Woodchucked’s House, a small, modest wooden house built in the 1880s in Pennsylvania.

The house is owned by Jeff and his wife, Jill, and was built in a traditional manner, with traditional tools and materials.

The couple was interested in renovating the house, and it is the couple’s second time renovating it in recent years.

The owners have recently returned to it after spending several years in a rural community, where the couple had built a farm.

The woodchuck, a popular local attraction, has become one of Pittsburgh’s most popular attractions, drawing crowds of hundreds of people every night.

The Woodchucking’s House is located on a corner of South Woodmont and North Woodmont streets.

The two-story house has been converted into a cozy, rustic, and whimsical house, with a rustic-looking, antique wood floor, a fireplace, and a full kitchen.

There are also a few tables and chairs and a small play area in the back.

The main entrance is the woodchucking stand.

The wooden house is decorated with the classic rustic motifs, including a black and white striped barn rug with a red-and-white striped background.

A small, vintage-inspired, white-washed bed is tucked into the back of the house.

The front porch overlooks the farm and the nearby farmhouse.

The barn has a barnyard gate and a wooden fence.

The original woodchucks have all died and their barn is currently a barn, but there is an active and ongoing barnyard, and the barnyard is the perfect place to hang out.

The back patio and front porch are also great for dining, as well as relaxing on the porch.

The property is surrounded by a lush forest and a beautiful, peaceful creek that flows through the property.

The woods are full of interesting and unique plants and trees.

The lot was originally used for a trailer park, and is now used for parking.

The home was also used as a barn in the 1960s, and there is a small farmhouse that is owned and operated by the couple.

Jeffrey and Jill were inspired by the rural nature of their home and the farm that they built there.

They wanted to create a modern, rustically-inspired home that would be welcoming to visitors, and they had a lot of ideas for improvements.

For example, the original wood chucks have died and the property is currently owned and occupied by a barn.

There is also an active, ongoing barn, and an old wooden farmhouse on the property that has been in the family for a while.

The backyard is a great place to play.

The interior of the home is a natural, rustical-style home with an old-time barn, old-style furniture, and old-fashioned wallpaper.

There also is a little bit of history inside the home.

Jeffrey had the idea to paint the walls with the wood chucking stick he found in the barn.

He decided to create wood chipping stickers to decorate the house walls.

He was inspired by how the wood chuck would scratch his own wood when it was being scratched.

The first time Jeffrey and Jeff Woodchucker were in the house was a few years ago.

Jeffrey was in his twenties and he loved the house so much he had his parents drive it out to Pennsylvania to see it.

The second time was back in 2015, and Jeffrey was so excited he was so happy to see the wood in action.

He took pictures of it in all its rustic glory, and then he took the pictures himself.

The last time Jeffrey visited the property was in 2018, when the family was going on vacation.

The family loved the home, and Jeff was excited to bring it back.

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