How to find your dream Airbnb property

A home can become your dream property if it’s located in a well-known neighbourhood.

But it’s often the case that your property isn’t even close to the right location, and it may be too expensive to buy a home in that location.

Airbnb Australia’s recent report reveals that while there are hundreds of listings on the platform, there’s only a tiny number of properties available in the Sydney CBD, and fewer than 100 in the Brisbane CBD.

Airbnb’s new report also highlighted the difficulty of finding properties in areas that are relatively cheap, such as Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.

The report said the number of listings in Melbourne was up by more than 80 per cent since 2015, but the number in Adelaide fell by nearly 60 per cent.

The Sydney CBD has also seen an increase in listings compared to the previous year, with a 55 per cent increase in Sydney listings compared with a 41 per cent drop in Melbourne.

Property is a good way to find cheap accommodation in Australia, but finding the right place to rent is much more complicated.

Here are the top 5 areas where you should check before you make the move: 1.

Melbourne and Adelaide Melbourne is the most expensive market for home rentals in Australia.

The city is currently the third most expensive rental market in the country, after Brisbane and Sydney.

But the price of housing in Melbourne is also one of the highest in Australia: A typical property in Melbourne costs $1.3 million.

That’s more than double the average rental price in Sydney.


Perth and Perthshire Perthshire is also a relatively affordable market.

The average price of a house in Perthshire has gone up by about 25 per cent in the last year.


Melbourne CBD and Melbourne suburbs Melbourne CBD has become a hot property market with a rising number of listing opportunities.

But most of those listings are in the Melbourne CBD, with only a few listings available in surrounding suburbs.

Adelaide CBD has the most listings of any of the CBDs listed in the report.

The number of homes listed in Adelaide CBD is also up by over 100 per cent, with more than 2,000 listings in the CBD available for rent.


Sydney CBD and Sydney suburbs Sydney CBD is currently home to more than 1,000 properties available for rental in the area, including many properties in inner-ring suburbs.

The most popular properties are listed in inner suburbs like Westmead, Pakenham and Northcote.

In the CBD, the most popular listings are located in the suburb of Warrnambool and in nearby Wentworth.


Melbourne suburbs The Melbourne CBD is home to the most homes listed for rent in Australia’s capital, and a huge number of them are in inner suburbia.

The area is home of many properties listed for sale, including the iconic Bondi Beach home of David Bowie.

The Melbourne suburb of Bondi is home also to the iconic ‘Star Wars’ movie set, which has also become an epicenter of the Bondi renaissance.

What are the properties available to rent in Melbourne?

There are hundreds more properties available on Airbnb in Melbourne and the suburbs.

Most of those are listed as ‘rental properties’ and they’re available for just a fraction of the cost of a traditional property.

The vast majority of listings are ‘room and board’ properties, which are apartments that are rented for one night.

However, there are a few properties available that have been converted into Airbnb rentals.

This includes the Sydney Opera House, the iconic home of the Sydney Knights, which rents for $2,700 a night.

There are also a number of houses listed for less than $1,000 per night in the suburbs, and the popular Victorian suburb of Bayswater, where rents for the same amount are $600.

The majority of the listings are available for the entire year.

What is the cost?

While Airbnb’s cost per month is based on the number and type of rooms you choose, there is a limit on how much you can rent per night.

If you choose to rent a property for just one night, you can only rent it for the duration of the week you choose.

If your entire week of renting ends up costing you more than that, you’ll be refunded.

There is a $5 per night ‘time-out’ limit.

How to compare properties on Airbnb Melbourne properties in Melbourne are not all equal.

There’s a significant difference in the cost per room.

There might be a cheaper option if you’re looking for a one-bedroom home in the inner suburbs, but if you want a two-bedroom property in the city, it may not be worth the cost.

If it’s a luxury property in a suburb, the cost may be cheaper, but you won’t be able to get into the best accommodation in the town.

What’s the best place to find properties?

It’s best to use the search function to find the property that suits your needs.

The search function also shows you which properties have recently added properties to their

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