Two people have sued over home built with timber house

Wood made from pre-fabrication materials has become a popular construction material in the United States, with many building projects using wood as part of the finished design.

But one Texas couple says their home they built with pre-formed wood is in violation of the federal building code and is in danger of going to court.

The couple, a man and woman, have been living in the house for several years.

It was built with lumber from their nearby house and had a foundation built with wooden blocks, which is considered to be a building material.

The couple said they had no idea they were breaking the law, but said they wanted to make sure it was a home they could live in.

“We want to build a house that we can live in, that’s not going to have any damage or any problems,” the couple told ABC News.

The construction company, Brickset Inc., told that the wood used in the home is pre-paved and pre-treated, and that the home will have an approved fire-resistance rating of 80 percent, which includes a sprinkler system.

It said it used an approved manufacturer of lumber for the wood.

Brickset said it contacted the Texas Department of Safety and Environment and received a permit from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

“This house is compliant with the requirements of the Building Code, which allows for pre-painted and prepped wood, and is approved for the approved fire resistance rating of 85 percent,” the company said.

“Additionally, the home complies with the NFPA requirements for fire suppression.

The company also is certified as a fire-resistant construction company.”

A spokesperson for the Texas State Fire Marshal’s office told it was not aware of any other similar complaints made against the home.

The company said the home also complies the building code, which requires the house to be pre-vented from fire and to have sprinkler systems, including one that works on both sides of the house.

The Texas State Building Commission said in a statement to ABCNews, “It is our responsibility to ensure that construction and housing codes are in compliance with state and federal building regulations and codes.”

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