New York real estate company buys wood cabin, home for 2-year-old with autism

A New York-based real estate investment trust bought a wood-cabinet cottage and home for two-year old with autism for $5.8 million Friday, just weeks before a court hearing that will decide if a state law that requires private companies to disclose potential conflicts of interest applies to them.

The real estate firm said the purchase of the home at 1510 West 36th St. in Westchester County for $4.8-million includes the acquisition of a 10-acre parcel of land along the Hudson River near the Brooklyn Bridge.

It also bought the land on the nearby Hudson River Golf Course for $1.6 million.

The house sits in the wood-frame cabin of a home built in 1899 and sold for $3.8 to a real estate investor who built it.

It was also sold to a man who owns a property on the property.

Development Is Supported By

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