What happens when you take the old and turn it into a new house?

The new house is a new idea, with a different name.

It’s the first time the architect has designed an original structure since the original house, built in 1871.

But the new one still feels familiar, even though the architects have been making alterations.

In the new design, there are two rooms.

One is for the family and a little room for the garden.

The other is for a bedroom for the architect’s children.

The architect’s daughter, who has a PhD in architecture, lives in the first room.

The architects’ other daughter lives in a room upstairs.

The design team is trying to make the new home as unique as possible, but its not a completely different space.

The two rooms are designed to complement each other.

“I want it to feel like two homes, not one,” said Lisa Fink, a senior design architect.

“We’re trying to take things one by one.”

A view of the new house from the lobby of the former home of the architect.

The new home is a different design than the old one.

But it still feels like two houses.

“The old house was a place where people could come and live, play, relax and go to the movies,” said Fink.

“And this new house feels like you can come and enjoy it all, but also be close to your family.”

The new design also tries to capture the essence of the old house.

“It’s a living room,” said designer Michael Karp.

“A little bit of the grandeur of the original.”

A hallway from the old home.

The old house had an open living room.

Now, there is a more subdued, more family-oriented space.

“There’s still a little bit more grandeur in this new space,” said Karp, the architect who designed the old.

“That’s where the grandiosity of the house came from.”

The original home, built by the Columbia family in 1872, is now owned by the family.

In 2015, the Columbias bought the old property for $30 million.

The family has since moved to a house in New York, but the architect and the architects still live in the old mansion.

“This is a family that lives here, and they really appreciate it,” said Lulu Karp-Smith, who is the daughter of the Columbia architect.

Lulu is the architect of the design team and also works in the office of the designer.

She’s also a longtime resident of the Old Colony, the former neighborhood that the Columbia brothers founded in the 1860s.

“Our family really appreciates this place,” said Smith.

“As soon as we were moving in, we looked at the new space and the design.”

A window at the old Columbia home.

Inside the new Columbia house, which is also owned by family, the design focuses on the elements that make up the home.

“When you look at the house, the elements you can’t see, you can still feel,” said design director Michelle Lauer.

“They’ve made the design that really captures that feeling.”

The two new bedrooms are for the architects’ daughters, who have a PhD. They are the architects’s second daughters, after Karp’s daughter.

The house is designed to be a little quieter, but it still has a little character.

The interior of the first and second rooms are reminiscent of the originals.

The architecture team is making the new version feel more unique.

“You’re trying not to lose the character of the home,” said the architect, Michael Karsmith.

“But you’re trying, at the same time, to add new elements that really add to the whole feeling.”

Inside the renovated house.

The designer’s wife, who worked in the home’s original design, has her own career in architecture.

She and her husband are planning to move to the new property in 2018.

“She’s very excited about this house,” said architect Lulu.

The Columbia family bought the Old Columbia house in 1870.

It is now home to the Columbia Brothers.

The architectural team is also designing a second version of the family’s old home in New Jersey.

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