Why did the Victorian architect Jules Verna design the ‘wood slab’ house on a site?

Victorian architect and historian Jules Jules Vernon built a house on his property in Victorian town of Kew in 1866.

The house, known as ‘The Wood Slab’, is a ‘wood plank’ house built of brick and wood.

It has been compared to the modern wooden house and some say its architecture resembles the wooden house in the 1920s.

The design of the Wood Slabs house was designed in the 1870s by the English architect J.H.J. Simpson.

The Victorian architect built his first home on his farm in 1869.

In 1878, he purchased a site on the edge of the village of Kowloon from a neighbouring farm.

The site, now known as the WoodSlab, is now a private park.

The Kowlon farm has since been converted into a community park, and it’s home to a small community of locals.

But it wasn’t until the 1980s that Vernon built the WoodSLabs.

Mr Simpson’s designs, known in the 1880s as ‘Saddle House’ or ‘Stove House’, are often referred to as the ‘saddle house’ or the ‘stove house’ and are now used by the residents of Kowalski.

The WoodSlabs is one of many Victorian architecture designs that Vernon designed in Kowalkski.

“In 1866, he came up with a design for a home which, although a little bit crude, is a very good one,” Mr Vernon said.

“I did not want it to be so simple and so simple that we could only see what we were going to have.”

Mr Vernon was an architect who had spent a lot of time on farms, and he designed the Woodslabs house.

He said it was a small house with a roof on it.

“The house was built in 1867,” Mr Jules said.

It was one of the earliest structures he had designed, and the wooden structure of the house, he said, was similar to the wooden structures in the 19th century.

“It was built with a very basic plan, a very simple plan, but the wood is really pretty,” Mr Verna said.

Mr Jules explained the origins of the design.

“As a boy I had the same idea of a house, but it was more like a barn or a shed or a house and that’s what I did with this house,” Mr Russell said.

The family moved to Kowalingk in 1901 and he built the house for them.

“We lived in this farm, and there was an old wooden shed and a barn, and I thought, ‘Well, I’m going to put a wooden house on that shed and make a shed house,'” Mr Russell explained.

“And that’s exactly what he did.”

Mr Russell and Mr Russell’s wife died in the early 1990s, and Mr Vernon took the farm in which the Wood slabs stood.

“He took it over and put his son into the barn and he took his son to the barn.

He took the other one and they had a new barn and that is what he built,” Mr Wilson said.

In the 1990s and 2000s, Mr Russell bought the farm and turned it into a playground for his children.

Mr Russell said it wasn.

“They would just sit in the grass and play with the old wooden sheds,” he said.

He described the history of the farm as being “a little bit like that of a little piece of the Victorian past”.

“It’s kind of a rural history.

It’s about that old, little bit of rural England and the little bit that went on there,” Mr Ruf said.

A family of sixThe WoodSLab has since become a popular park and playground for local residents.

“When I was growing up, there was no playground,” Mr Watson said.

“There was a lot more work and it wasn of the sort where you went to work and you had to come home, and that was that.”

Mr Wilson said he was excited to be able to bring his son back to Kowlalksi.

“There was no such thing as a playground in Kowlalski and it was just a playground,” he explained.

Mr Wilson added that he thought the new playground would be a great way for children to get their hands on their grandfather’s ideas.

“My son was just looking forward to having a play area and to having something to do with his grandfather’s work and to be working with his son,” Mr Farrow said.

Kowalsk City Council has said it plans to keep the wooden slabs, which are now on display, in place for at least 30 years.

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