Harpsden’s wooden house in the woods is ‘like the future’, owner says

A wooden house that was once a family home is about to be sold to a new owner, and the former owner is already talking about how the wooden structure could be turned into a museum.

A few years ago, a young girl and her sister lived in a house that once belonged to a family of about 30 people.

“We had a beautiful, beautiful home,” said Julie Dufour, who now lives in Harpsen, a suburb of Edmonton, about 70 kilometres east of Edmonton.

She was at the home last week when the family was evicted by the city, and now she and her partner are trying to sell the property, which is surrounded by woods.

Dufout’s parents, mother-in-law and grandmother live in the house, and they live in another house, about 100 metres away.

“They have moved away, and that’s where we’re looking for something new,” Dufours said.

Dressed in a white suit, she explained that she is looking to turn the home into a “cultural and recreational space” for the community.

She said the home was built in the 1930s by the same family who built Harpsens wooden barbie houses.

Dutour said the house is also in need of repair, and she has recently had a neighbour who wanted to sell it.

The new owner will need to build a lot of wood for it, Dufos said.

The wooden house was built at a time when wood was scarce, but it has since become a cultural and recreational facility.

“It’s a real place, where the community can gather,” she said.

It was built by the family of a member of the same household who also built Harpens wooden house.

“There are a lot more people living in this area, and so that’s why we want to get this community back,” Dutours said, noting that the house has been in the family since the 1930.

She has already spent $20,000 to renovate the house.

She also hopes to sell off some of the property to pay for a museum to be built on the site.

Dusques is now planning to donate some of it to the community to help them create a museum for the town.

She told CBC News that the town’s history is important to the town, and it will be very important to her to get it back.

The family of the man who built the wooden house has since died, and Dufoures plans to move on with the building project.

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