How to build a wooden stilts house

New York City residents have been building wooden stilted houses for years, but they’re getting more popular.

We’re starting to see more people trying out the DIY project and the results are getting better.

Wood is also a cheap, renewable resource, so it’s one that can be reused. 

We have to build it right, but this DIY stilt home project isn’t really that hard.

It’s only $1,500 to start and it’s going to take you about two months to finish.

This DIY stilts home has been built in the woods.

You can see a full list of the materials you need to build this DIY wooden still house here. 

You’ll need: 1 x 2’x4’x6′ stilt, wood glue, wood dowel, nails, and screws 2 x 5/8″ x 4″x6″ boards (I used plywood) 1 x 4′ x 8″x4″ board (I use 2″x2″) 2 pieces of 12″x18″ sheet metal 1x 6″x8″x12″ piece of wood, 2x4x6x8 pieces of wood dowels, and 1x 12″ x 18″x16″ piece that’s about 8′ tall (I just drilled a hole and put it on the wood doweling) 2 screws 1 piece of 4-way spacer (I found a cheap way to make the screws longer, but you could also buy longer screws) Optional: 1/2″ x 1/4″ thick black nails, 1/8 “x 3/4 ” x 1″ (optional) You will need: 2 x 3/8×6 inch boards (1/2×2″ thick plywood or 1/3×1/4″) 1 2×3/4×4 sheet metal piece (4x2x4) 4 x 6 x 8 piece of 12-foot x 24-foot wood dowell 1 1/1″ x 6″ x 24″ wood dowelling (optional, but if you’re going to use wood dowells to attach the boards to the stilts, you’ll need them in the first place) If you’re not sure which piece you need, you can purchase a 1/16″ x 3″ piece, but the boards you buy are thicker than the plywood. 

To build the DIY woodenstilts house, you will need to follow a few simple steps. 


Cut out a 2-inch by 3-inch square of plywood that you can cut in half and lay on the stilt.

You’ll cut the ply wood into six sections (one for each side of the stilts house), each section will need about 10 inches of wood. 


Mark the first three pieces of ply wood and place them on top of each other to form a square. 


Mark each section of wood with a dot and then draw a line from the first dot down the center of the square.

You’re done! 

The plywood will be the base for the still. 


Mark two corners of the board that will be for the bottom of the ply. 


Mark a dot that will go along one edge of the bottom and mark a dot in the center. 


Now cut out a dot on the middle of the dot, and mark that edge with a dotted line. 


Draw a line on the top of the top dot and mark another dot in that same center line.

The dot will be in the middle. 


Draw two lines along the bottom edge of each dot. 


Draw three lines on the sides of each line.

You now have three pieces for each wall section. 


Cut the top and bottom boards in half. 


Cut a strip of 3/16″ x 1 1/32″ black plastic from 1/10 to 1/5 inch thick. 


Cut another strip of 1/20 to 1 1 the 1/24 inch thick piece of black plastic. 


Place each strip on the ply and mark the center with a sharpie. 


Lay the strip down on the floor, and cut two lines at each end. 


Mark three dots on each strip, and then trace the outline of the strip onto the ply with a pencil. 


Repeat for each other strip. 


Mark one line on each side and cut a dot. 


Lay down the strips in the same order as they were cut and cut them in half again. 


Lay out the strips like this and trace them onto the two pieces of black material. 


Mark four dots along the top edge and mark two lines in the opposite corners. 


Mark five dots along one side and mark one line in the other corner.

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