When the sun shines, the wooden house is all that remains

This year’s Dutch Wood Fire Day celebration marks the end of the Dutch Wood Festival, which began in 1883 and ended in 2005.

A festival of craftsmanship has become a cornerstone of Dutch culture, with craftsmen and artists performing and sharing their work, including painting, carving, pottery and more. 

In 2015, it was reported that the number of wood fireplaces in the Netherlands rose by more than 400 percent over the previous decade. 

“We have an amazing legacy to share, and we’re really proud of the work that we’ve been able to do,” said Yvonne Flanders, the chairperson of the Board of Wood Fire and Crafts, a group that has worked to preserve Dutch wood traditions.

“The Dutch Wood Museum and the Dutch Wooden Houses Association have been really important in the preservation of our traditions, and so I think the Dutch people are really proud to have a legacy of wood that has such a rich and long history.” 

It’s a legacy that extends to the Dutch.

“Dutch people have been using wood for thousands of years,” said Flanders.

“It’s not just the wood itself, it’s also the materials.

It’s how they use it, it has to do with the culture of the people who are involved in the production of the wood, as well as the quality of the material.” 

As a result, many Dutch people can trace their roots back to the early days of woodworking, with the origins of the wooden building, including the Dutch tradition of building wooden houses dating back to around 1260. 

The Dutch have always had a strong affinity for the arts, said Folia, and they’ve always taken pride in their craftsmanship.

“We don’t want to just produce the best wood,” she said.

“Our goal is to produce a product that is as beautiful as possible.” 

Dutch woodworkers also use the wood for building structures that are durable and affordable, like the Dutch-designed wooden houses.

“If we can use wood as a building material, it can also be used as a material for something like an electrical box,” said Sjodin Nijs, the CEO of Dutch Wood and Power.

“You can build something like that from a log, a piece of wood or a wooden house.” 

According to Nij, wood products made from wood can be very affordable.

“That means that it can be used in a very economical way.

You can build a house from wood or you can use it to create a home, a studio, a kitchen, or even a small garden,” he said. 

It takes only a few minutes to make a Dutch wooden house from the same materials as the ones you’d find in the traditional Dutch woodworking community, and even then, the finished product can last for a lifetime. 

Nij said that wooden houses were a part of the fabric of the region for centuries, and that the Dutch had a tradition of making and decorating wooden houses for the public to enjoy, with an emphasis on the beautiful aesthetics.

“People in the old days used to put a wooden box over the fireplace,” he explained.

“In the Middle Ages, they also made a wooden bed for the king.

It is the most beautiful house you can have in the Dutch countryside.

They wanted to make sure that the whole house was finished.

They didn’t want it to be too old.

They just wanted it to look beautiful.” 

Nija van Houdt, the director of the Museum of Woodworking in the city of Utrecht, said that her city has seen a resurgence in the interest in woodworking since the advent of the Wood Fire Festival. 

Van Houdts museum has been a major source of inspiration for the Wood Festival.

“When the Dutch wood festival started, I had to leave a job and my home to come here and open the Museum,” she explained. 

She has worked with Dutch woodworkers and other craftsmen from all over the world to create wooden houses that reflect their tradition.

“They are all so beautiful, and I think that is why the Dutch really have such a strong appreciation for this tradition,” she added. 

Dutch Wood and Craft Festival, the oldest Dutch Wood Craft Festival in the world, is held every year in Utrechts city center.

It has a special theme of wooden houses and has taken place since 1972. 

Source: The Associated Press

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