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article The weather has been changing in the Himalayas, but the weather is changing in New Delhi too.

The capital has seen a record number of cold snaps, which has resulted in a spate of food shortages and rationing.

The government has imposed a curfew, with a maximum of four hours in a 24-hour period, to curb unrest in the capital.

The government says it has cut the number of people on the streets by half, but residents say they are still being forced to queue for hours to buy groceries and other essentials.

The city’s chief executive officer, Bhupinder Singh, says he is “trying to find a solution to the situation in the city”, but some residents are not optimistic.

“I’ve been on my knees for hours trying to find the cheapest ration.

I was told they have not sent out any food for a week.

I think the city government needs to get some kind of relief,” says a 45-year-old woman who cannot be identified.

She has been waiting for the ration card to arrive.

The shortage of basic goods has hit many parts of the city.

In the city’s main thoroughfare, the Mavi Marmara, the queues are long and queues are forming at stores such as the local meat shop.

Many people are forced to wait for days for the arrival of ration cards.

The ration card is a basic document issued by the government to all households that must be given a maximum quantity of food.

But as many as 1,200 people in the Mavresa area have not received their ration cards for three days in a row, and hundreds of others have not been able to access the card at all.

“When the ration cards arrive, people are scared.

They have nothing to eat and no money to buy,” says Arif, who has been unable to buy a ration card since April 25.

His family is desperate to buy food, but he says that many shops in the area are selling rice and other staple foods for around $5.

He also says that the food shortage is affecting the elderly, and there is a shortage of medicines.

“It’s a daily battle.

There are no medicines or food.

Some people are getting sick and dying,” he says.

A senior government official said the government is trying to address the food shortages by sending out more food to people in Mavrisa.

But he said the city was still reeling from the lack of basic necessities.

“We are trying to solve the food crisis in Mavi Mavrasa by sending more food and supplies to the area, but people are still stuck in queues.

We are still working to resolve the situation,” said Rajiv Kumar, the director general of the department of agricultural and food security.

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