Quails woodhouse gets a new home in $2.7 million deal

Quails Woodhouse is getting a new place to live in the heart of Toronto.

The home was bought by Toronto real estate agent, Daniel Zuker, in November for $2,721,000.

Zukerr is the owner of the real estate brokerage, L&G Landmark.

“This is the best home we’ve ever built and we’re happy to have it on our doorstep,” said Zukher, who added he is also the owner and operator of the popular website, Quails Quail.

Zauger’s son, Mark, who is also an architect and developer, has been looking to sell the property, but he said it was a decision he had to make because of the lack of work to be done on the property.

The house will be filled with outdoor spaces including a patio and a gym.

The land will be leased to a local developer who will have the right to build new structures on the land.

Quails has been on the market for about two years.

In a release, Zukerk said he wanted to create an “urban farm” of sorts on the site.

It will be a “fertile plot of land” with gardens, parks and a new community space.

It is the first time a home has been bought on the same street as a restaurant or a bar.

The property will also be part of a larger redevelopment of Queen and Spadina.

The purchase price was $2 million and the buyer is expected to start moving in in June.

The city said it is not the first project in Toronto to attract a large amount of private capital.

It has received about $6 million in private investment, according to city records.

The largest private investment in the city in recent years was in the $1.3-million renovation of the Bloor-Danforth subway station.

Development Is Supported By

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