How to build a wooden toAD house

If you love toad houses, you will love toads in your home.

But what if you don’t have to worry about keeping them in order?

In this video, we’ll show you how to build one.

This is an example of a wood toad hut that you could build yourself using our easy step-by-step guide to build wooden toads.

We’ve made it so that you can build your own wooden toader house and you don´t need any special materials or tools.

You just need a couple of wood screws, a couple wood boards, some wire and glue, a little bit of glue, and a small amount of patience.

Let´s get started!1.

Make the wooden boards1.

Start by cutting the boards into long strips, then lay them out.

You could make them a little bigger or smaller, but this will give you a good starting point.

We like to use lengths of 6″ and 7″ for our wooden toadas.2.

Cut out the pieces that will make up the walls of the toadhouse.

You will need about 6″x8″x1.5″ strips of wood.

You can use wood glue to make them, but we use an adhesive that is a little more durable.


Cut the strips into lengths of 2″ and 3″ to create the roof.

You should have about 6 strips of 3″x2″x4″.4.

Once you have the wood, you need to glue it onto the wood boards.

You might need to go a little deeper in your glue because the glue is not so strong.5.

Use the same technique as before to glue the roof pieces to the walls.

You need to get it to line up with the boards so that the glue won´t rub against the boards and you won´ t have to do anything to it.6.

Once everything is glued together, you should have a wooden house that looks something like this:The first thing we need to do is to make the roof panels.

Start with the middle piece.

You want it to have a little space between the two sides of it so the top is nice and flat.7.

Now cut a piece of the roof and glue it into the middle of the middle panel.

Cut another piece of roof and then glue the second piece of that roof to the middle.8.

This is how we will be putting the wooden roof pieces on the wooden toadehouse:9.

Now glue the bottom of the wood panel to the bottom.

Now put the roof back on.10.

The wooden toadayhouse will look something like the following:You can see that the roof is going to have some holes in it.

You’ll need to put holes in the pieces of roof so that they can be removed easily.

You may need to make some holes on the corners of the pieces to help them get out of the way.11.

The last piece of wood you will need to create a wooden roof is the top piece.

This will be the roof that we will make the wooden doors.

We need to attach the wood panels to the roof by attaching them to the wood frame.12.

Now we need a piece for the door.

The top piece of our wooden door should have the same width as the bottom piece of ours.

This means that the top should be the same height as the top panel.

So, it should be a little taller than the bottom panel.13.

Now attach the bottom and top panels together.

You don´ t need to join the wood frames to the wooden frames, just put them on the wood top and the bottom should be connected by the bottom two pieces of the wooden frame.

You also need to add some wood screws on the top to hold the wooden panels in place.14.

Now you will have a nice wooden wooden door!

You can make your own version of this door by cutting out a piece and gluing it onto a piece you already have.15.

Now it is time to put the door together.

The two pieces should be fairly straight.

We used a bit of wood glue for this.16.

This door should look something similar to this:It should look a little different from the picture.

This could be because we used glue on the bottom to attach it to the frame.

If you glue on a lot of glue and don´´t care for it, you could do it with a small bit of water.17.

Now that you have your door, we need the door hinges.

We can glue the hinges to the door using the same glue technique we used to attach our wood panel doors to the top and bottom.18.

Now add the hinges back to the doors.

It is also possible to glue some glue on to the hinges.19.

Now the door is done.

Now just hang it up on the roof!

We love the wooden house we built so far.

We are pretty sure that it is the

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