A ‘Wooden Doll House’ with a ‘Woodsy’ Story: A ‘Tree House’ for Kids

An ikea wooden doll house with a “Treehouse” story was unveiled today in Kirkutsk, Russia.

The ikeas wooden doll houses have a storybook-like style that resembles a Christmas tree.

The ikeatas storybook house, which has a built-in treehouse, has a small courtyard, and a “tree” (i.e. a woodsy) storybook is displayed at the entrance.

The “Tree House” is set up like a Christmas Tree.

A small courtyard is set apart from the main hall.

The wood house is the product of ikeats development of an ikeata house, ikeattas traditional wooden dollhouse, which is a traditional wooden structure with a wood roof.

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Development Is Supported By

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